Trumpington Residents'
Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Community Coach Trip to Hunstanton, 21 July 2018
The 2018 community coach trip to Hunstanton,
organised by the Trumpington Residents' Association,
was held on 21 July 2018.

Publicity: Elise Fider.
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Sandcastles in Hunstanton during the summer trip, 21
July 2018. Photo
s: Kaushik Hatti, Neelu Chauhan,
Padma Krishnan
Distillery where lavender oil is
extracted (see the mug in the
photo) and lavender fields, seen
during the summer trip, 21 July
2018. Photo: Kaushik Hatti
Padma Krishnan