Trumpington Residents'
Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
About the Residents' Association

Membership of the Association is open to all residents of Trumpington. We welcome new members and look forward to your active
involvement. Membership costs £5 a year for individual members and £8 a year for a household. If you are interested in joining, please
complete the
membership form or contact the Membership Secretary, Elise Fider. Please pay by standing order or cheque.

Meetings are usually held at Trumpington Village Hall (Jubilee Room) at
8 pm on the last Wednesday of the month. These include regular
reports from the Committee and discussions of issues of interest or concern to members. The
News page has the latest information.

For more details about the Association's work, please contact Liz Woodham,

Trumpington Pavilion

The Association administers Trumpington Pavilion in partnership with Cambridge City Council.


Family Fun Day at Trumpington Pavilion and King George V Playing Field, 31 August 2018
2018 Summer Trip to Hunstanton, 21 July 2018
Trumpington Spring Fair, The Clay Farm Centre, 17 March 2018
Trumpington Christmas Fair, 28 November 2015
Trumpington Pavilion 5th Birthday Party, 25 October 2014
2014 Summer Trip to Hunstanton, 19 July 2014
Garage Sale Trail, 31 May 2014
Christmas Fair, 30 November 2013
2013 Summer Trip to Hunstanton, 20 July 2013
Christmas Fair, 1 December 2012.
Opening of Skanska's
Seven Acres development, Clay Farm, 15 September 2012
2012 Summer Trip to Hunstanton, 21 July 2012
Fawcett Fete, 30 June 2012
Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch, Trumpington Pavilion, 3 June 2012
Garage Sale Trail, 5 May 2012
2011 Summer Trip to Hunstanton, 23 July 2011
Royal Wedding celebration at the Pavilion, 29 April 2011
Christmas Fair, 27 November 2010
Opening Weekend, Trumpington Pavilion, 14-15 November 2009

Management Committee, 2018-19

Elizabeth Woodham, Chair
Andrew Roberts, Vice Chair
Barry Thompson, Treasurer
Andy Blackhurst, Member
Graham Bass, Co-op
ted Member
Elise Fider, Co-opted Member, Membership Secretary
David Plank, Member
Dr David Newcombe, Member, Company Secretary


The Rules of the Residents' Association were approved in September 2008.
Copyright © 2018, Trumpington Residents' Association. Updated 1 November 2018.
Registered Charity Number 1138271. A Company Limited by Guarantee. Company Number 6729377. Registered in England.
Registered Office: Trumpington Pavilion, Paget Road, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9JF.
The Trumpington Residents' Association was founded in 1992. In October 2008, it was established as a
company limited by guarantee and in October 2010, it was entered in the Register of Charities.

The aim of the Association is to make Trumpington a better place for the future, by working to maintain and
improve the quality of life of local residents. The Association is apolitical, encouraging input from everyone
involved in Trumpington.

The Association has been working with the City, District and County Councils and developers to achieve the
highest quality in the new housing, community, education and transport initiatives in the area. We are actively
involved in the design of the new developments on Clay Farm, Glebe Farm and Trumpington Meadows and
welcoming their new residents into an enlarged community. These developments include 3700 homes,
primary schools, a secondary school, community facilities and country parks.