Trumpington Residents'
Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Addenbrooke's Road/Cambridge Biomedical Campus Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)
updated 22 May 2017

Addenbrooke's Road provides road access from Trumpington to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) and Addenbrooke's Hospital, but
is not a through route. The use of the ANPR cameras was reintroduced on 22 May 2017. See the statement on the
CBC and Cambridgeshire
Constabulary websites.

The Trumpington Residents' Association has also issued a statement on the Addenbrooke's Road/Cambridge Biomedical Campus Traffic
Regulation Order:

1. Addenbrooke's Road was constructed to give access to Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Glebe
Farm and Clay Farm housing developments. Planning approval for the road was given on this basis, after recommendations in the Southern
Fringe Area Development Framework which was approved by the local councils in 2006 and supported by the TRA.
2. The roads within the Campus have been and have remained private roads, not for public use as through routes.
3. When Addenbrooke's Road opened in 2010, the County Council approved a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) allowing the Campus
authorities and the police to monitor vehicles leaving Addenbrooke's Road to enter the Campus site and to issue penalty notices to drivers
who used the Campus roads as a through route.
4. In late 2014, it was established that there were flaws in the wording of the original TRO and the police stopped enforcing it but the
Campus roads continued to have private status and should not have been used as a through route.
5. The County Council, Campus authorities and police have now established a new TRO and are re-imposing the controls on the use of the
private roads within the Campus by through traffic.
6. The TRA fully supported the original decision to limit the use of Addenbrooke's Road to being an access road to the Campus and the
housing developments and not part of a through route around the south of Cambridge. The TRA fully supports the re-imposition of controls
on the private roads within the Campus by through traffic.
7. The TRA realises that the consequence of the re-imposition of the TRO will be additional traffic and congestion in Trumpington and
additional journey lengths for some local residents. We will continue to press the councils, City Deal and Campus authorities for effective
action to improve this situation through better road management, bus and Busway services - including a local bus service within
Trumpington and to the Campus - and Park & Ride services.

The Clay Farm Centre
updated 8 May 2017

Construction work is underway on
The Clay Farm Centre, alongside Hobson Square on Clay Farm. The centre includes a hall, multipurpose
rooms, meeting rooms, library, cafe, health centre and apartments, due to open in September 2017. The Manager is
Alison Sutton. The
project is being managed by Cambridge City Council, with the Residents' Association on the Project Board. The construction work is being
carried out by ISG, contact
Steven Ponting if there are any issues (07967 010745). See our Clay Farm Centre and public art pages for more
information about the Centre and Hobson Square.

Citizens Advice in Trumpington
updated 5 December 2016

Citizens Advice Bureau runs sessions at Trumpington Pavilion, Thursdays 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

City Deal proposals
updated 8 May 2017

The City Deal project is consulting on proposals for a 'western orbital' bus network around the west and south of the city, including a new
Park & Ride site at Junction 11 of the M11, and also on plans to tackle congestion. For further information, see the City Deal
Orbital and Tackling Congestion pages.

South Trumpington parish
updated 6 May 2017

South Cambridgeshire District Council has established a new parish of South Trumpington, comprising the land from the City Council
boundary to the M11, with effect from 1 April 2017. This area includes part of the Trumpington Meadows housing development,
Trumpington Meadows Primary School and part of Trumpington Meadows Country Park. For further information, see the
District Council.
There will be a 'Parish Meeting' on 30 May.

Cambridge Community Collection
updated 16 August 2016

Cambridge City Council and local residents are working with the artist, Neville Gabie, on this new project to plant over 1000 apple trees
across Trumpington and the surrounding area, the
Cambridge Community Collection. The project has a Facebook page. The project team
would be delighted to have your support, see the web site or contact local resident
Liz Cox or the artist Neville Gabie. Work to plant the trees
started in November 2014. Local volunteers are very welcome.

No additional homes or 'sporting village' at Trumpington Meadows
updated 16 August 2016

Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are developing new Local Plans. During the consultation on these plans,
there has been widespread opposition in Trumpington, the city and neighbouring villages to the potential development of 520 homes and a
sports complex in a Green Belt location off Hauxton Road, Trumpington (Trumpington Meadows). In the draft Cambridge Local Plan, the
City Council has concluded that it is "not satisfied that a compelling case exists for the need for a community stadium in a Green Belt
location" and "Opportunities have been taken at Trumpington to shape a new Green Belt edge, which enhances the landscape setting of the
city, as well as enhancing opportunities for recreational access" (
Draft Local Plan, paras 2.56 and 2.59). Local residents have welcomed
these conclusions against any further development in the local Green Belt. See the page about the
threatened additional developments.

Despite the protection of the area as part of the Green Belt and the omission of the idea from the draft Local Plans, Grosvenor is pursuing its
proposal for a sporting village in the Green Belt between Trumpington and Hauxton and submitted a planning application for the development
on 25 July 2016. See a
statement from the District Council, the Council's planning system (search for application S/1925/16/OL) and the
Cambridge Community Sporting Company project website.

Street naming award
updated 6 December 2013

On 21 November 2013, the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Paul Saunders, presented awards to the Trumpington Residents' Association
and the Trumpington Local History Group to commemorate the way the City Council and the two groups have worked together in the
naming of streets in the new housing developments (Clay Farm, Glebe Farm and Trumpington Meadows).

Trumpington History Trails
updated 25 November 2016

The Residents' Association and the Trumpington Local History Group have published a set of 10 history trails around Trumpington. Copies
are available from Trumpington Pavilion and online, see
History Trails.

Affordable homes in Trumpington
updated 25 September 2012

CPL is promoting the
affordable homes on the three sites in Trumpington: Clay Farm, Glebe Farm and Trumpington Meadows. The options
are affordable rent and shared ownership.

Community Notice-board
updated 12 March 2012

The community notice-board is available for use by local groups: on the green in front of the shops on Anstey Way. The notice-board was
funded by contributions from the Trumpington Residents' Association, Trumpington Parochial Charity, Cambridge City Council and local
individuals. If you want to display a notice within the board, the key can be obtained from the Bun Shop or
Philippa (tel 701733).

Trumpington Pavilion
updated 6 December 2013

The Association manages
Trumpington Pavilion in partnership with the City Council. For more information, contact the manager: email:
pavilion, tel.: 01223 847433.

Education provision
updated 5 December 2016

Children's Centre at Fawcett School serves the Southern Fringe, as a base for services in Newnham, Hauxton and parts of the Shelfords
as well as Trumpington.

The County Council is supporting an extension to
Fawcett School, new primary schools at Trumpington Meadows and Clay Farm and a
new secondary school at Clay Farm. As part of the consultation process, it produced a
background document, with information about
existing educational provision, forecasts for future needs, details of the new educational facilities and the statutory process for establishing
these facilities.

The plans for
Trumpington Park Primary School (Clay Farm) were approved in September 2016. The school is under construction and
due to open in September 2017.

Trumpington Meadows Primary School opened in September 2013. The school is part of a federation with Fawcett Primary School.

The City of Cambridge Education Foundation is responsible for
Trumpington Community College. The planning application for the school
was approved on 17 April 2013 and students moved to the new site in September 2016. The College includes
Trumpington Sport, indoor
and outdoor sports facilities for community use.

Marketing name of the Clay Farm and Glebe Farm developments
updated 29 November 2014

In October 2010,
Countryside Properties announced that it would use 'Great Kneighton' as the marketing name for Clay Farm and Glebe
Farm. The Residents' Association strongly disagreed with the decision on the marketing name, which is an inappropriate and historically
inaccurate name which detracts from the community's sense of place and belonging. The Association will continue to work with Councillors
and officers in Cambridge City Council to ensure that the development is integrated into the existing community of Trumpington and that the
area and facilities within the new developments are named appropriately.

Clay Farm/Showground development
updated 13 August 2015

Countyside contact:
James Blair, Clerk of Works, 01277 260000, mobile 07725 859445.
Great Kneighton web site has marketing information and a newsletter, July 2015. Our Clay Farm page has background and
images. The City Council
Growth Areas page is regularly updated.

The outline planning application for the Clay Farm/Showground development was approved on 14 May 2008 and the outline planning
agreement and S106 agreement was signed in August 2010. The updated
planning application is available on the Clay Farm Web site. In May
2009, Countryside submitted a planning application for the spine road through the site. The original application is on the
Clay Farm Web site.
Revisions were issued in December 2009 and April 2010. This was also approved in August 2010.

archaeological investigations were carried out in 2010-2011.

See the statement above about the naming of the development.

Trumpington Meadows development
updated 28 July 2015

Martin Hunter, Site Project Manager, mobile 07766 725890.

The outline planning application for Trumpington Meadows was approved at the Joint Development Control Committee on 20 February
2008. Permission to proceed with the outline application was given in October 2009, after the S106 agreement was completed. Barratt's has
been appointed as the builder and the Wildlife Trust is developing the country park along the river. The landscaping of the park was approved
by the Joint Development Control Committee on 2 November 2010. The
District Council (search for S/1113/10 for country park) has
information about the application. There was a public art walk around the development and the country park on 9 October 2011,
The Do
(8MB PDF), thanks to Sam Wilkinson, InSite Arts, and Caroline Wright.
Further archaeological work was carried out in 2010-11.

The Trumpington Meadows Country park opened in July 2015.

The Trumpington Meadows page has further information. See also the City Council
Growth Areas page which is regularly updated.

Glebe Farm development
update 11 May 2015

Countryside contact:
Steve Clarke, Project Manager, 01277 697535, mobile 07739 511565.
See Countryside's
Novo web site for marketing information. Our Glebe Farm page has more background and images. The City Council
Growth Areas page is regularly updated.

The full planning application for Glebe Farm was approved by the Joint Development Control Committee on 21 April 2010 and the outline
planning agreement and S106 agreement was signed in August 2010. The outline application had been submitted to the City Council on 11
March 2008. An amended application was submitted on 11 August 2008 and approved on 2 October 2008. Countryside Properties submitted
a full application in December 2009 and the Council received amendments to these plans on 8 March 2010.

Countryside also submitted a application for a third phase of 30 homes, search for 14/1792/FUL on the City Council
planning system.

See the statement above about the name of the development.

Addenbrooke's Hospital/Cambridge Biomedical Campus development
updated 22 May 2017

The outline planning application for the Addenbrooke's 2020 Vision (06/0796/FUL) and the full application for the Medical Research Centre
(07/0651/FUL) were approved by the City Council Planning Committee on 7 November 2007. Work is currently underway on the
AstraZeneca and Papworth Hospital developments. In August 2016, the City Council approved two applications for the southern part of the
site, see the
planning system, applications 16/0176/OUT and 16/0165/FUL. Addenbrooke's Road provides road access from Trumpington to
the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and Addenbrooke's Hospital, but is not a through route. The enforcement of the ANPR cameras was
reintroduced on 22 May 2017, after a gap of over 2 years.

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus page has more information.
Next meeting of Trumpington Residents' Association: 28 June 2017,
Trumpington Pavilion

The next monthly meeting will be at 8 pm on 28 June at Trumpington Pavilion. For more information, contact
Liz Woodham, If you would like to join the Association, please
complete the
membership form.
For events at Trumpington Pavilion, see the What's On page.

Other meetings and events:

8 July 2017: Fawcett Federation Summer Fete, Trumpington Meadows Primary School.
8 July 2017: Annie: the Musical, Trumpington Community Drama Group performances at Trumpington
Village Hall, 5 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets from
Kelly Smith, 01223 847433.
12 July 2017: TruGS coach trip to Wrest Park, near Bedford, including guided tour of gardens. Booking forms
from Pam Stacey, 01223 840327.

15 July 2017: TRA Community Coach Trip to Hunstanton, see below for details including application form.
17 July 2017: South Area Committee, 7 pm, Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre.
19 August 2017: Youth Forum Festival, Trumpington Pavilion and King George V playing field, details to
25 November 2017: TRA Christmas Fair.
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TRA Community Coach Trip to Hunstanton, 15 July 2017
updated 12 May 2017

The 2017 community coach trip to Hunstanton, organised by the Trumpington Residents'
Association, will be held on 15 July 2017.

See here for
more information and an application form, do book and enjoy the trip.

Tickets on sale 15 May to 19 June from TRA members:

115 High Street CB2 9JD
10 Hauxton Road CB2 9LT (Barbara)
11 Baker Lane CB2 9DS (Philippa & Howard)
8 Cedar Road CB2 9PA (David & Jen)
96 Alpha Terrace CB2 9HT (Liz & Rich)
TRA community coach trip, 2017